SLEEP 好睡眠 | 60粒胶囊

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Are sleepless nights and restless tossing and turning taking a toll on your daily life? If you’re seeking a natural sleep aid that promotes restorative rest without the use of melatonin, look no further. Canaherb™’s Sleep capsules can help you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

CanaherbSLEEP 胶囊让您以自然的方式睡得更好、更香。SLEEP 以火麻籽为基础混合天然成分,包括西番莲、猴头菇、柑橘类水果、枇杷叶、熟地黄和何首乌,有效帮助您享受舒适安宁的睡眠。


SLEEP 胶囊利用科学方法来缓解不安、紧张和精神压力,并提供人体必需的氨基酸与抗氧化剂,告别持续的压力,轻松解决睡眠问题。





成人:每天 1 次,每次 2 粒

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Alison H.
Works great for me.

Melatonin did not work for me and the over the counter Cold/Nighttime medications did help but I would be groggy in the morning. This was the 2nd product in this line I tried and again I'm extremely happy. I do not have issues falling asleep, it is staying asleep. My body took to it perfectly on my 1st night. I still wake up like normal 2-3 times a night but with Sleep I fall back to sleep immediately, I feel relaxed, quiet and my mind is not racing. The best part is I wake up with no groggy/tired side effects, I feel clear, bright and refreshed.

Alissa T.
Good product

Not only did this sleep supplement work wonders, but the packaging is beautiful! And the delivery was super fast too

Nguyen T.
Superb performance

Having been taking it for a month, I wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning. Perfect for me.

Payten K.
Highly recommended for daily use

I bought these sleep supplements for my wife and they've been a game-changer for her. She's always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, but these capsules have helped her relax and drift off into a deep sleep. She wakes up feeling rested and rejuvenated. Will definitely be buying more!

Lucas C.
Excellent quality

I never thought a natural sleep aid could work so well! I'm in love with this product and can't wait to try more from this brand.

FAQ Section

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Sleep capsules are unique because they don’t rely on melatonin. Instead, they use natural herbal ingredients, including passionflower, lion’s mane mushrooms, citrus fruit, loquat leaf, rehmannia and fleeceflower, chosen for their specific properties to enhance your sleep experience. These ingredients support better sleep and provide essential amino acids and antioxidants for overall well-being.

Yes. Sleep capsules are suitable for vegetarians as they’re made with a vegan formula. They’re also gluten-free, making them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions. We’re committed to providing a product that aligns with various dietary preferences.

At Canaherb™, we understand the importance of quality and transparency in the supplements you choose. That’s why Sleep capsules are proudly manufactured in Canada, ensuring the highest standards of quality and purity.

Natural sleep remedies in Vancouver
Natural sleep remedies in Vancouver

Natural sleep remedies in Vancouver

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and experience the benefits of the Sleep capsules by Canaherb™. Rediscover the joy of waking up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face each day with energy and vitality.

Try Sleep today and experience the transformative benefits for yourself!

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Scientific formulations, no fillers

All Natural Ingredients for Optimal Results


For sleep problems

Lion's Mane

Helps with anxiety and depression

Loquat Leaf

Boosts immune system

Magnolia Berry

Treats insomnia


Triggers sleepiness

Dried Rehmannia Root

Helps with insomnia and depression

Tuber Fleeceflower Stem

Improves quality of sleep

Hemp Seed

Modulates sleep patterns

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