Canaherb™ at PLMA.2022

From Nov. 13 to Nov. 15., the world’s largest private brand event – Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade – was once again returned to Chicago with the theme “Consumers Are Back in Charge”. This time, more than 1,400 exhibitors across many sectors brought their products and designs to meet with wholesalers and retailers worldwide enthusiast for new ingenuity at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.


Canaherb joined this annual event for the first time to introduce its newly launched hemp-based functional supplements. As the only brand offering hemp-based nutraceutical supplementation, Canaherb attracted major attention and business interest from both U.S. and international buyers.

The unique design and functionality of the pain relief topical stick made it one of the most popular products on the exhibition floor, and it received lead inquiries from North American, European, East Asian, and the Middle Eastern Clients.

Containing more than 10 traditional herbal medicinal ingredients, Canaherb’s flagship product Sleep was submitted to and selected by the PLMA’s review committee to be displayed at the “Idea Supermarket” pavilion. PLMA “Idea Supermarket” pavilion is the area for displacing special attractions that represent future consumer choices. More than 6000 exhibits are submitted each year for review with less than 600 selected for their innovation, originality, and functionality.

Canaherb is honored to receive recognition from PLMA and appreciation from clients who attended the events. Canaherb uses only top quality ingredients and Canadian quality standard to formulate its natural remedies that enhances well-being. In combination with first class research capabilities, Canaherb would further its mission to introduce more functional supplements and help the community to become healthier the natural way.

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