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Do you want to relieve the symptoms of menopause the natural way? Canaherb™’s Menopause capsules are the answer. Made with a powerful blend of plants and herbs, these capsules have been proven to help soothe hot flashes and stabilize irregularities in your menstrual cycle, all without the use of added hormones.

Our Menopause capsules contain a hemp-based blend of ingredients, including black cohosh root, chasteberry, chia and Panax ginseng, which have been carefully selected to relieve menopausal symptoms naturally.

Black cohosh root has been traditionally used to help with hot flashes and mood swings, while chasteberry helps balance hormones and reduce irritability. Moreover, chia and Panax ginseng help support your overall well-being.

At Canaherb™, we’re passionate about helping women navigate the ups and downs of menopause. We understand that menopause is a natural process and that natural medicine can be a powerful tool in supporting you through it.

Don’t let menopause symptoms control your life — discover how our menopause supplements can naturally help you. Whether you live in Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada, you can easily get your hands on this product with our convenient shipping service. We also offer international shipping. Check our FAQ section to learn more.


Black cohosh, Chasteberry, Vitamin B1, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Panax ginseng, Vitamin D, Common barberry, L-5-HTP

Recommended Use

Our Menopause capsules are packed with the goodness of hemp and other herbs and plants that have been used in traditional medical practices for centuries to promote a healthy, balanced mood. These ingredients have also been proven to support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue during times of stress. On top of being the ideal capsule for treating menopause symptoms, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin D and numerous antioxidants.

Take two capsules once a day, with food, and get back to feeling like yourself again. Made in Vancouver, this natural solution allows you to face each day with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sienna H.
like it

I bought these for my sister who's been going through menopause and she says they've really helped her. Thank you for making such a great product!

Elliot R.

My mom said she had her life back! 10/10

Kaia L.
Superb performance

It is my lifesaver! I've been recommending them to all my friends who are going through the same thing.

Charlie D.

I have to admit, I feel so much better since I started taking them

Niamh M.
not for me

I've been taking these supplements for a few days now and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. Haven't noticed any significant improvement in my symptoms..

FAQ Section

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No. Our Menopause capsules are a natural and safe alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. We believe women should have access to natural remedies that work with their bodies to alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

Yes. Menopause capsules are vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions. They’re also lab-tested and made in Canada so you can be sure you’re getting a safe and high-quality product.

Our Menopause capsules are crafted with all-natural ingredients; therefore, side effects are generally very rare.

Our Menopause capsules are formulated to alleviate menopausal symptoms and support women’s overall well-being during this transitional phase of life. However, completely getting rid of your symptoms depends on various factors.

Enhance Your Immunity
Menopause Enhancement

Capsule for menopause symptoms in Vancouver

If you’re experiencing hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings because of menopause, Canaherb™’s Menopause capsules may be just what you need. Our natural formula is designed to help alleviate these unpleasant symptoms and support your overall health and well-being.

With Menopause capsules, you can feel more like yourself again!

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  • You can find the Menopause capsules and many other wellness supplements in select stores around Vancouver.
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Scientific formulations, no fillers

All Natural Ingredients for Optimal Results

Black cohosh

Relieves menopause symptoms


Normalizes estrogen and progesterone

Hemp Seed

Regulates hormone imbalances and inflammation

Chia Seed

Raises blood levels of EPA

Panax Ginseng

Controls hormones

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