10 tips for students to improve focus and concentration naturally

Student life is busy, and it can sometimes feel impossible to achieve the level of focus you need to excel truly. Here are ten ways to sharpen your focus, and potentially boost your grades.


  1. Eat a healthy diet. Eating a balanced diet rich in lean protein, leafy greens and fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon has been shown to help boost concentration.


  1. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps alleviate fatigue and brain fog. Instead of reaching for another coffee, try drinking more water to stay sharp when studying.


  1. Get enough sleep. Late nights spent studying or cramming for exams are common in student life. However, a lack of sleep can significantly affect your concentration. Avoid screen time and caffeine before bed to ensure consistent rest. If sleep is difficult for you, try a natural sleep aid without melatonin. Canaherb™’s Sleep capsules help promote rest thanks to time-tested herbal ingredients. Visit our online store to learn more.


  1. Exercise regularly. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn can help improve concentration. 30 minutes of daily exercise could improve your grades more than you think.


  1. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Meditative and mindful practices, like yoga and journaling, have been shown to increase attention span. Herbal supplements aimed at mental relief, such as Canaherb™’s Mood capsules, can also improve your cognitive function.


  1. Use herbal supplements. Herbal supplements harness the power of nature to give your brain a healthy boost. Canaherb™’s Focus capsules, which contain hemp seeds and ginseng root, are designed to improve your attention span.


  1. Manage your time effectively. Effective time management can help moderate stress. Make a study schedule that highlights upcoming assignments and prioritizes tasks to help you to stay on top of things without feeling overwhelmed.


  1. Take a digital detox. Email and text notifications from your smartphone can be a constant source of distraction. Avoid screens by keeping your phone off when studying and reading physical versions of assigned texts.


  1. Minimize distractions. Interruptions and noisy surroundings can be just as distracting as digital devices. Take advantage of calm, quiet environments such as libraries or study rooms to study more effectively.


  1. Foster a supportive study environment. Working with other dedicated students is fun and can help encourage you to stay on task. Study groups have been shown to decrease procrastination and increase motivation.


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